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My Favorite Book Series: Everworld

I wasn’t born reading – well, I should say, I wasn’t born with a love for reading. My mom did most of the reading and she had so many books, mostly Stephen King, Dean Koontz, some Anne Rice (I finished the Vampire Chronicles collection – I think she stopped at Tale of the Body Thief) and books she’d get through Reader’s Digest. I would read the Greek Mythology books the most, though the vocabulary was way beyond my years then (in Spanish, no less), but there wasn’t a book that made me want to read until I found Everworld.

Or rather, Everworld found me. My sister had sent me that book as a gift while she was in the Navy and, while it was the third installment of the book series, I gobbled it up and adored it, mainly because, well, Merlin.

I always like myths, legends, anything fantastical, and I’d immediately pay attention. This series was more than that, it gave me an understanding of things I hadn’t come to accept until much later in life. No one is perfect, we’re all a little bit selfish and, in some cases, it’s okay, it’s human. But abuse? That’s never okay.

My favorite line has to be from Discover the Destroyer:

Maybe that’s why people get so enraged when someone does something to a kid. Hurt a kid and he hurts forever. Maybe an adult can shake it off. Maybe. But with a kid, you hurt them and it turns them, shapes them, becomes part of the deep, underlying software of their lives. No delete.

As a kid, I absorbed so much hurt, things happened to me without sense or cause, worse things that happened to other people, and I just absorbed it, I witnessed most of it without being able to do a darn thing about it. I thought I was supposed to. I thought that’s how the world worked.

Over time, I was able to get the rest of the books (all 12 of them) and I didn’t do it alone. I had a very dear friend who helped me build that collection – until I loaned it only to have it returned in a rather sorry state (water had damaged the books…the pages…I remember wanting to cry and unleash the violence but, like a lot of things that transpire in my head, it stayed in my head). Luckily, the Internet (and Amazon) had been in place by then so rebuilding said collection wasn’t that hard (and completely worth it).

This will always be my favorite book series, not because it’s the most amazing literary work to ever grace the world, but because it helped me make sense of a lot of things that I couldn’t make sense of, because I didn’t really talk about them.

I hope everyone has a book like that – the world should be full of books like that.

How do I explain the series? Well, I’ll explain it the way I explained it to my friends when they asked me what I was reading and what it was about.

Imagine a quilt where every square is a specific world, specific legend, specific lore and gods, then imagine being stuck in that universe full of unbelievable things made reality. Some of them good, some of them deadly, and they’re all rather interested to cross our world – to conquer our world, because, isn’t that what it’s always about?

But, like many might now, the journey is the worthier part.

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Lessons Learned

I’ve learned so many things. I’m sure there’s loads more waiting for me, but so far, I think I’ve learned a few things. Some things I’ve learned from watching other people, others I’ve learned through my own stubbornness (which is usually followed by a sometimes well-earned “I told you so”). Some are funny, some are painful to remember, but they all have their reasons for existing.

For example, I’ve learned that reading while walking (onto oncoming traffic) is by no means a good idea. That moment made “almost walking into a pole by reading” feel like a breeze (it wasn’t. My face was 1-2 inches from the pole when I looked up. Had there been a mistletoe involved, I would’ve felt obliged).

I was reading the first of the Dark Tower series at the time (…explains everything, doesn’t it?) I don’t remember where I was in the book exactly, just that I was seeing through Roland’s eyes, it was a scene in the desert and for a moment, it was like I was there until I remembered the desert wasn’t supposed to have cars and, yeaaaaah, close call.

(Mom always says I have a guardian angel. I think I owe the individual a few shots. Or an entire bar, ’cause dang.)

It really wasn’t as scary as I just described, I think, considering I jumped back in time to not let my foot touch the street.

The pole incident involved a manga, can’t remember which. It was either Alice 19th or Absolute Boyfriend, if I remember my high school years of borrowing manga…or Gravitation. Yeah, could’ve been that one. Would explain quiiiiite a bit.

Another more recent lesson learned is when I had an incident where Atlantis (laptop) and my pen drive decided they weren’t going to play nice together. But since the pen drive has a light on it when in use, it made me wonder…could it be the pen drive?

That’s when a bunch of thoughts went through my head. Well, in all honesty, the first few words were a slew of curse words, in English, Spanish, one French, one German and one that wouldn’t exactly be called a language.

That pen drive contains most of my writing – old writing, bad writing, really bad poetry, some essays. Even though I wouldn’t exactly mourn it, I’d miss it, if that makes any sense. It also has other things (considering it’s the one with the most memory of the old lot – it’s an old one.) I couldn’t remember if I had backed it up into an external hard drive, either.

Oh, heart palpitations, you cruel mistress.

But, a happy ending was found, since Penelope (Chromebook) is made of magical things and it worked there (which may or may not mean that Atlantis is being her usual perplexing self. Not dwelling on it. Nope. Nooooooope.)

Lesson learned there? Back up your stuff. Then back up that stuff too (for good measure).